Sunday, January 17, 2021

17 January 2021 Sermon for 2nd Epiphany by The Rev. Peter M. Carey


The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Sermon 2 Epiphany

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia

17 January 2021

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The light shone in the darkness and the dark did not overcome it

All are welcomed at the Inn

Visitors coming from far far away, and they were welcome

Not only were they welcome, they were brought in as family

The family of God is beyond tribal notions


world view


social class

personal characteristics,

beyond location

The family of God is beyond the place of your birth.

God loves us all

God call us to love our neighbor, to love one another

“Seeking and serving Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves.”

God knows us

God loves us

God calls us

God empowers us

God empowers the saints for ministry

Remember - the body of Christ - all parts of the body are needed

Remember - who was welcomed to the manger

Remember - all sorts of people

Remember - even animals

Remember - the doors thrown open

The family of God is beyond all temporal divisions.

The family of God is wide and broad enough to welcome us all.

God has built a table large enough so that we each have a seat at it.

God has granted us the gift of ownership

God has given us the kingdom

God has given us the power to do ministry

With Humility

In Love

Among Community

We are called to Discipleship

And are to walk in Gratitude

Sometimes, God calls us in ways that are almost imperceptible

Like Samuel, hearing that small voice

Have we taken the time to listen?

Is our prayer a prayer of speaking along?

Or, have we laid in bed and prayed, listened to the words of God.

God’s calling

God’s vocation to us all.

Like the Magi being pulled out of their comfort zones, we are called into action.

God is still speaking

The Lord calls Samuel

Small voice - nearly unrecognizable

Even Samuel does not recognize it

God calls us all

Still small voice

Spend time in the Church

Pray without ceasing

The present moment, a difficult moment

Do we take the time

Do we open a space

And Jesus also called his disciples

And is calling us!

Follow me

You will see greater things

Come and see

Come and BELIEVE!

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